General FAQs

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder where a patient stops breathing (apnea) numerous times during sleep.

What causes sleep apnea?

There are many reasons why someone may suffer from sleep apnea. Some of the common causes are obesity, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, a narrow airway or enlarged tongue, age, alcohol and smoking.

What is CPAP?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. CPAP therapy is the 'gold standard' treatment for sleep apnea. When a patient stops breathing (apnea) during sleep, the CPAP machine blows air pressure into the patient's upper airway to keep the airway open so that they can breathe normally while they are asleep. 

Will I find it easy to begin CPAP therapy?

Every patient’s CPAP journey is different. Some patients only take a few days to adjust to CPAP however for others, it may take up to 3 months. Becoming accustomed to wearing a mask on your face while you sleep is generally the main issue. Perseverance is key in the initial stages to allow your body to adjust to CPAP therapy. Once you push through the ‘teething period’ you will reap the rewards.

Will I feel any different after beginning CPAP therapy?

CPAP users report improvements in sleep, energy levels, mood and concentration. Research also shows improvements in the managing of comorbid conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. CPAP use has also been shown to support weight loss and maintenance.

What CPAP machine do you recommend?

We recommend CPAP devices from two leading brands, RedMed and Fisher & Paykel. 

If I purchase a CPAP machine what is included? 

When you purchase a CPAP machine from us it comes with the device itself including an inbuilt humidifier, heated tubing, power cord, a filter and the user manual. Our packages include all the above along with a mask of your choice. The bundle package has been designed to include everything you need to get started. 

Are the User Manuals easy to understand?

The user manual is easy to follow, however don't forget that as your healthcare professional we can assist you in addition to the user manual.

What warranty would I receive on my CPAP machine?

Our CPAP machines come with a standard 2 year warranty. An extended 3 years is available for purchase $150.

What is the Returns Policy?

Returns Policy. All returns are to be made within 7 days of the original purchase date. Approved refunds will be for 75% of the original purchase price. A 25% restocking fee will apply on all returned items. Refunds are subject to the owner's discretion. If there is evidence of tampering or misuse the returns policy will be void. Please note-if goods are purchased via a payment plan there is no returns policy available. 

Do I need the in-built humidifier, or is it optional?

The purpose of the humidifier is to humidify (add moisture) to the air that the CPAP machine is blowing so that the patient does not wake up with a dry mouth. Our machines all have in-built humidifiers. The level is easy to change up or down via the menu button. The humidifier can also be turned off if it is not required.

Why do I need water in my humidifier?

The CPAP humidifier heats the water that you put in the water chamber to provide humidification so that the air from the CPAP machine does not dry out your nasal passages and upper airway. The ResMed AirMini uses waterless humidification.

What water should I use to fill my humidifier?

It is recommended to use either distilled, filtered or demineralised water in your humidifier.

What is a chin strap and why would I need one?

A chin strap is an accessory made of fabric that supports the chin so that the mouth remains closed while asleep. The main reason for using a chin strap is to prevent, or control, mouth breathing and associated symptoms such as dry mouth. 

When can I stop using CPAP therapy?

Lifestyle changes may help with reducing the number of breathing events you experience while sleeping, however most people require CPAP therapy for the rest of their life. It is important to remember that CPAP therapy manages sleep apnea but does not cure it.

If I can't tolerate CPAP therapy, what should I do?

There are dental appliances that assist with mild to moderate sleep apnea. Please contact us for further information.

Surgery is also an option, but only for specific patients.

Why do I feel so bloated after using my CPAP machine?

Aerophagia essentially means swallowing air and is generally the main cause for feeling bloated after using CPAP therapy. This is because the air that the CPAP machine blows can sometimes accumulate in the stomach. Reducing air pressure or changing sleeping position may help. It is also important to consider gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) as an underlying cause.

What if I need to go to the toilet during the night?

The best method used to have a bathroom break during the night is to stop your CPAP machine and remove your mask via the quick-and-easy release clips on the sides of your mask. When you return from the bathroom, place the mask back on your face and secure the clip/s and then press start on your machine.